Last modified: May 15, 2019 @ 14:20

Different user roles are available to perform specific activities.

User Roles and Activities:

  • Service Operator role

The operator role refers to the DDM service provider (Ericsson) who operates and manages the service on behalf of the customer (CSP). In the context of HTTP, the operator instantiates the HTTP gateways on behalf of the administrator (which differs from the normal LWM2M process).

  • Administrator role

The administrator role can configure and manage the DDM service. Administrative activities are performed either by the customer, or by the service provider on behalf of the customer. In the context of HTTP, the administrator requests the HTTP gateways to be created and configures the topic filters for the HTTP gateway. Refer to Provisioning the HTTP Gateway for more details.

User role

  • The user role refers to enterprise users and applications that are onboarded to the service. User related actions can be performed by the customer on behalf of enterprises.