Add a Firmware Package to a Device Type

Last modified: May 15, 2019 @ 14:28

Navigate to Hardware Types -> Device Types.

In the list of Device Types, click the chosen Device Type to open the Edit Device Type page.


  1. To be able to update the firmware of Devices registered using the chosen Device Type, the Device Type must contain Smart Object Type as Firmware Update.
  2. Firmware package can be configured either by uploading the Firmware package file or by configuring the external location of the Firmware package.
  3. When the Firmware package upgrade is initiated, DDM sends either internal or external URI to Device, so that the device can download the image.

In the Firmware Packages panel, click +Add.

Firmware package panel

  1. Title – Enter a name of the Firmware package.
  2. Version – Enter a version of Firmware Package.
  3. Build – Enter the build specifications. of Firmware package.
  4. Package URI –  Enter the input URL
    Note: The maximum length of the URI is 256 bytes. User entered URI is only validated syntactically. It is the user’s responsibility to configure the valid URI. See below example:

  5. BrowseBrowse and select the Firmware package file from the local file system.
    Note: It is not possible to configure both Package URI and Firmware package at the same time in GUI.

Click Save to add the Firmware package.