Release Notes LwM2M Gateway 1.3

Release Notes for LwM2M Gateway 1.3

Featured issues:


This LWM2M Gateway release requires minimum DDM Core version: AppIoT_2018_31

Support for queue mode related features in DDM Core
– resend all in-flight messages from DDM Core to LWM2M Gateway upon LWM2M Gateway restart
– LWM2M Gateway sends a queue full response code to DDM Core when the GW queue is full, indicating to DDM Core that it will not accept any more messages until there is space in the queue
– 5.01 and 5.03 error codes from LWM2M Clients are passed on to DDM Core

DDM Core keeps the queue content upon LWM2M Client re-registration, so LWM2M Gateway no longer handles it

GW stops fetching messages to be processed when gracefully shutting down.