AppIoT 201831 Release Notes

Main end user improvements
  • Stability improvements for QueueMode message handling
    • Device status indicator now does not take long time to be updated.
    • Device status indicator color scheme changed to show red for deregistered devices. (May be changed in future releases)
    • Device status indicator for existing devices now shows correct status if device is never activated.
    • Removed usage of response codes 5.03 and 5.09 to prevent them from marking device as online when sent from devices.
    • Messages in-flight are now resent when the device re-registers.
    • Messages in-flight are now put back in queue when device deregisters.
  • Legacy mode for firmware package URI added
    • Now possible to select to use old version of firmware package URI that includes the filename. This option is not specification compliant and will be removed after October 2018.
  • Fixed support issues:
    • DDM-37190 Activity log inconsistency
      • Activity log GET /api/v3/activitylogs as default now only returns the main entry for every activity log entry.
      • To include more details for each main entry the filter includechildren=true can be used.
  • 2018_31_hotfix1
    • Device details page could display wrong Device status after receiving Device status from SignalR.
Web API changes
  • /api/v3/activitylogs GET modified, added possibility to filter on includechildren
  • /api/v3/firmwarepackages POST, added possibility to set UseLegacyUriFormat in request body
Known issues
  • If gateway shuts down ungracefully, messages in-flight will be lost
  • In-flight messages will change to Failed state with reason QueueMessageDiscardedException when the device registration lifetime expires on the LWM2M server