Device Management

Last modified: Jun 14, 2019 @ 08:41

In DDM every device and gateway sending in data must be configured, registered and approved. DDM keeps information about what type of device it is including information about where it is located and extended metadata can be added to a device for storing non measurement data.

Device Registration

DDM supports three main tracks for connecting devices into the system

  1.  LWM2M, following the LWM2M standard for device and data management devices can connect and DDM can use a discovery function to detect what sensors the device is carrying and what operations DDM can do with them such as read, write and execute a resource
  2.  Gateway SDK, DDM provides a SDK that is integrated into the gateway behind which the devices are located. The SDK provided support for device and data management in the same way as the LWM2M server does
  3.  Soft GW, a soft gateway is mainly used to connect to external systems/device/gateways to fetch/pull data and it provides less functionality for device management. Normally a soft gateway is used to connect to external data sources such as an URL, a database, a PLC.

The following figure shows the three main options for integrating with devices.

Devices can be registered one by one in the DDM Dashboard, or mass-registered by using a registration file. For more information on mass registration, see Mass Register Devices.

Managing devices

Devices active in the system can be managed from DDM in several ways. Status and logs can be read from the devices and action to restart, reboot, upgrade the  FW can be sent to the devices.

DDM keeps a register of every connected device and stores information about what kind of device it is, where it is located, what FW version that is running, a key to external identifier among other things.





DDM can act on the information stored about devices such as creating a rule that triggers if the connection to a device is lost longer than the define time or if the signal strength is out of the defined range.

The screen shots show some of the information that is stored about a device.

Firmware update over the air is supported for individual devices or groups of devices. Based on the users rules different menu options and valid actions can be taken.

For every gateway DDM keeps track of what devices that are connected to it, how they are connected and the generated log files can be reached and examined.