Release Notes LwM2M 1.1

Release Notes Ericsson Application Platform for IoT

Contains all improvements of and some additional improvements

Release version: AppIoT LwM2M Gateway 1.1

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28 May 2018

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Backend Increase default DTLS handshake retransmission timeout to 2 seconds

·        “ Timer Values” in RFC6347 recommends 1 second as initial timeout

·        1 second is too short for constrained devices.

Backend Limit logs to max 5GB, delete old logs if size is exceeded



Frontend  Queue mode: Keep messages in queue for the registration lifetime instead of discarding the messages after re-attempted deliveries Improvement
Backend  Azure Service Bus client: Prevent lockup in rare cases where message delivery stops because of external failures such as network connectivity problems Improvement
Frontend  Queue mode: Make device queue size configurable and increase queue size to 50 Improvement
Backend Registration lifetime handling: Add registration lifetime grace period -feature. Default grace time is 180 seconds. Expired registrations are purged from the registry after the grace period instead of purging immediately at expiration time. Improvement
Backend  UDP keepalive improvement: Prevent multiple keepalives for single endpoint. In certain cases it was possible that multiple keepalives were sent to the same endpoint. This is now prevented. Improvement
Backend Write request handling: Return ResponseCode.BAD_REQUEST when write request value is invalid Improvement
Backend Device registration handling: Ignore sending DeviceDeregisterRequest for the previously registration when an existing registration gets replaced immediately by a new registration. This prevents a situation where registration state becomes inconsistent between the gateway and DDM core. Improvement
Backend  Support millisecond/microsecond precision for telemetry timestamps in Gateway (not supported in DDM yet) Improvement
Backend  Support for logging DTLS session master keys for debugging purposes Improvement
Backend  Leshan version upgrade to 1.0.0-M6 (release notes:,  Californium 2.0.0-M9 Improvement
Backend  LWM2M GW container and application monitoring for operations Improvement