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Release version: AppIoT LwM2M Gateway

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28 May 2018

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Backend Increase default DTLS handshake retransmission timeout to 2 seconds

·        “ Timer Values” in RFC6347 recommends 1 second as initial timeout

·        1 second is too short for constrained devices.

Backend Limit logs to max 5GB, delete old logs if size is exceeded



Frontend  Queue mode: Keep messages in queue for the registration lifetime instead of discarding the messages after re-attempted deliveries Improvement
Backend  Azure Service Bus client: Prevent lockup in rare cases where message delivery stops because of external failures such as network connectivity problems Improvement
Frontend  Queue mode: Make device queue size configurable and increase queue size to 50 Improvement
Backend Registration lifetime handling: Add registration lifetime grace period -feature. Default grace time is 180 seconds. Expired registrations are purged from the registry after the grace period instead of purging immediately at expiration time. Improvement
Backend  UDP keepalive improvement: Prevent multiple keepalives for single endpoint. In certain cases it was possible that multiple keepalives were sent to the same endpoint. This is now prevented. Improvement
Backend Write request handling: Return ResponseCode.BAD_REQUEST when write request value is invalid Improvement
Backend Device registration handling: Ignore sending DeviceDeregisterRequest for the previously registration when an existing registration gets replaced immediately by a new registration. This prevents a situation where registration state becomes inconsistent between the gateway and DDM core. Improvement