Last modified: Jul 9, 2018 @ 13:08

The Dashboard is your starting point in DDM. From here you can access Locations, Gateways, Devices, and other elements in your solution.

The actions available in the Dashboard depend on the rights granted to the current user. In particular, access rights control which items are displayed in the Settings menu, as well as which Device Networks are displayed for the current user in the Dashboard.

Top right menu

Here you can view User information, switch Device Networks, and open the Settings menu:

Settings Button

The Settings menu where you navigate to most of the functions in DDM.

Device Network Button

The Device Network button allows you to switch between different Device Networks that you have access to.

User Settings Button

The User Settings button allows you to view the About info and sign out of your account.

Actions Button

The Actions button currently allows you to add a Geomap to the Dashboard:

Main Dashboard panel

You can pin various functions to this area such as Events, Geomaps, Floor Maps, Activity Log, and Resource value graphs:


Your Locations are accessible on the left-hand side panel: