AppIoT 201817 Release Notes

Release Notes Ericsson Application Platform for IoT

Featured issues in AppIoT Web Platform 2018_17

Main end user improvements
  • Fixed Device re-register to resend observe request for resources in observe state
    • This will handle the case where the device forgets it’s observe state after a reboot
  • Fixed firmware update process to resume after a device re-registers
    • Observe and read requests are sent for the state resource when the device re-registers after the device reboots to make sure the final state, idle, is received.
  • Improved handling of firmware update in progress
    • Prevent a firmware update to initiate if there already is a firmware update in progress
    • Added possibility to cancel firmware update in progress using Web API
  • Added new icons on the request & stop observe button
  • Fixed support issues:
    • AIOTSUP-970 Fix issue with cancel observe button not appearing
    • AIOTSUP-1142 Fixed showing incomplete list of users and their roles
      • List of users and roles did not always show correctly when logged in as Tenant Admin. Also, did not show correctly for users under certain circumstances with many users in a single role.
    • AIOTSUP-1306 UI fix for activity log on Resource page
      • Too long description text will get truncated
Web API changes
  • /api/v3/devices/{id}/firmwareupgrade added responses 400, 401, 409
  • /api/v3/devices/{id}/firmwareupgrade/cancel added