Resource Collection

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Resource Collections are groups of Resources defined according to selection criteria. They are used to quickly decide which Resources that Rules, Actuators, and Transformers should apply; this is especially useful when the same Resources need to be referenced several times.

Resource Collections dynamically apply the inclusion criteria to Devices, Smart Objects, and Resources in the system. For example, if a Resource Collection filters by a particular Smart Object and that object is later edited to contain an additional Resource, that Resource will automatically be included in the Resource Collection.

Access Resource Collections

Navigation: Settings -> Resource Collections

The Resource Collections page has a list of all Resource Collections created in the Device Network.

Create/Edit Resource Collection

Navigation: Settings -> Resource Collections -> +Create or click a Resource Collection

Note: The way you specify which Resources to include in a Resource Collection is by filtering in increasing levels of precision, starting with Locations, then Device Types, Smart Object Types, Resource Types, and finally individual Resources. Thus, the more you specify in the options below, the less inclusive the Resource Collection becomes.

  1. Device locations: Filter by Device locations. Note that Resources in sub-locations of the Locations chosen here are displayed in the Resource Collection, but they are not usable by Rules unless their own sub-locations have been manually selected here. If the Location is placed under a parent Location, the name of the parent Location is displayed in parentheses, to make it easier to select the correct Location.
  2. Devices: Filter by Devices. The first number in parentheses is the number of instances already selected in the collection. The second number is the total number of available instances of the selected Device Type. This total is filtered by location, Device, and so on, selected in the leftmost column. Note however that, when a type is added to the collection, all instances of the type are also added to the collection, but not displayed in the first number.
  3. Smart Objects: Filter by Smart Objects.
  4. Resources: Filter by Resource Types.
  5. Include Resources: If the checkbox is not ticked, all instances are added. To select only a subset of Resources to include, tick this checkbox and select the desired Resources to include.

Currently, DDM can trigger events for upto 10000 resources in a resource collection.

For example:

If a Smart Object has 100 resources and if the location has 100 devices with the same smart object type,

The resource collection data will be: 100 devices*100 resources which equals to 10000, in which case the event is triggered.

If no. of resources*no. of devices > 10000, event will not be triggered.

Note: This condition is also applicable for Actuators.