AppIoT 201809 Release Notes

Release Notes Ericsson Application Platform for IoT

Main end user improvements

  • Re-branding of the UI
  • Added monitoring of live environments using Log Analytics
  • Prevent creation of rules with undefined behavior
  • Improved API filtering of activity logs for Device
  • Improved API filtering of Resources
  • Allow update of Actuator name in UI
  • Disable “Create Resource Collection” when editing Actuator
  • Improved security regarding API key access
  • Remove option to add firmware package when creating Device Type
  • Various UI changes
  • Fixed support issues:
    • AIOTSUP-804 API filtering of resources does not work as expected
    • AIOTSUP-827 Multiple Device Networks created with the same name
    • AIOTSUP-1149 Inconsistent behavior when removing Resource Type from Smart Object Type
    • AIOTSUP-1226 User without ‘Update’ permission can update Settings on Gateways’ SettingCategories
    • AIOTSUP-1309 Read-only user is able to perform a firmware update

Web API changes

  • api/v3/datacollectors/securitytoken POST now deprecated and hidden from Swagger
  • api/v3/ resources GET – added filter and sort key: “hardwaretypeid”


Author Daniel Gullberg Sigma ITC 2018-03-06