AppIoT 201806 Release Notes

Release Notes Ericsson Application Platform for IoT

Main end user improvements

  • Export smart object types and resource types
  • Read and write opaque resources
  • Read and write time resources
  • Various UI changes
  • Fixed support issues:
    • AIOTSUP-527 Internal transformer type: Transformations count duplicate
    • AIOTSUP-659 API Keys list not visible for non-TenantAdmin users
    • AIOTSUP-660 DeviceDiscoveryRequest sent twice when creating a new device
    • AIOTSUP-692 All measurement values not received from API
    • AIOTSUP-879 Cannot delete a new Smart Object Type unless another new Smart Object Type is created
    • AIOTSUP-887 Improved error message when creating roles with parenthesis to Device Network
    • AIOTSUP-890 AIOTSUP-950 Cannot see API keys after creation
    • AIOTSUP-1064 GW Type ID 0 not validated
    • AIOTSUP-1086 User without permission can delete activity log
    • AIOTSUP-1104 Mass Registration Template generation crashes when containing corrupt data
    • AIOTSUP-1117 Set operationId on overloaded methods in the API (Swagger)
    • AIOTSUP-1136 Loading ResourceCollections in Rules page is slow
    • AIOTSUP-1144 Validation of SettingCategory fails when created together with Device
    • AIOTSUP-1150 Increase file upload limit
    • AIOTSUP-1180 Upgrade Microsoft EventProcessorHost package version to include fixes for issues that might cause Partitions to stop delivering data to AppIoT

Web API changes

  • Set operationId on overloaded methods in the API
  • api/v3/hardwareDefinitions/export/smartobjecttypes POST added
  • api/v3/hardwareDefinitions/export/resourcetypes POST added
  • api/v3/eventConsumers/{id}/test, CreatedDateTime added to EventMessage
  • api/v3/transformertypes/{id}/revoke, TransformerTypeRequest added to body
  • RevokeMotivation added to TransformerTypeRequest