AppIoT 201745 Release Notes

Release Notes Ericsson Application Platform for IoT

Featured issues in AppIoT Web Platform 201745

Main end user improvements
  • Schedule when a rule is enabled
  • Add notes to a device
  • Improvement of firmware upgrade process to read the “Update Result” resource
  • Various UI changes
  • Optimization of measurement handling
  • Optimization and stabilization of mass registration of devices
  • Optimization and stabilization of device registration from gateway
  • Fixed support issues: AIOTSUP-561, AIOTSUP-630, AIOTSUP-674, AIOTSUP-725, AIOTSUP-655(partly)
Web API changes
  • api/v3/recurringpatterns added
  • api/v3/schedules added, schedule info added to Rule
  • api/v3/devicetemplates GET now implemented
  • api/v3/devicetemplates/list GET now deprecated and hidden from Swagger, use api/v3/devicetemplates GET instead
  • Note added to Device
  • Constraints added for HardwareTypeId for DataCollectorType