Southbound Telemetry (HTTP) Ingest

Last modified: Nov 2, 2018 @ 15:56

Telemetry ingest is possible through HTTP/REST interface if the SDK or LwM2M cannot be used.


All the information needed in the header is in the gateway registration ticket:


The body is in json format. Multiple telemetries can be sent at once in the array named e:

n represents the resource reporting the telemetry. Endpoint represents the endpoint name of the device it belongs to. ObjectID, InstanceID, and ResourceID follow the OMA LwM2M object model.

In the attached picture, for 3200/0/5500:

  • ObjectID: 3200—digital input
  • InstanceID: 0—first instance
  • ResourceID: 5500—Digital Input State

The value of the telemetry is given by either v, bv, or sv depending on whether the value is numeric*, Boolean, or String (or Opaque type), respectively.