AppIoT 201740 Release Notes

Release Notes Ericsson Application Platform for IoT

Featured issues in AppIoT Web Platform 201740

Main end user improvements
  • AppIoT sets up a default gateway automatically via Provisioning Manager
  • Admin users can query entities based on setting category parameters and names
  • AppIoT Tenant Users can now set an Admin user ability to see only users within their own device network
  • Devices can be registered in multiple Device Networks
  • Roles can be assigned to device networks
Web API changes
  • api/v3/deviceNetwork/list/SpecificRoles replaced by api/v3/deviceNetwork/list/adroles
  • api/v3/deviceNetwork/roles GET added
  • api/v3/deviceNetworks/{id} PUT added
  • api/v3/tenantsettings added
  • api/v3/tenantsettingcategories added
  • api/v3/tenants/{id}/settingcategories/{settingCategoryId} POST, DELETE added
  • api/v3/tenants/{id}/addsettingcategory POST added
  • api/v3/tenants/{id}/removesettingcategory/{settingCategoryId} DELETE added
  • api/v3/tenants/SeedDatabase added
  • api/v3/dataCollectorTemplates/import POST added parameter Tags to request/response
  • DeviceNetwork: Added parameter RoleIds
  • Role: Added parameter DeviceNetworkIds
  • Constraints added for TypeId for SmartObjectType
Complete list of issues
Frontend/Backend As a user i want to be able to register a device to several device networks New Feature
Frontend/Backend As a tenant admin i want to be able to define what roles should be available to what device networks New Feature
Frontend/Backend As AppIoT I want to call Provisioning Manager so that a gateway is spinned up automatically


New Feature
Backend As a administration api user I want to query entities based on setting category parameters and names New Feature
Frontend/Backend As AppIoT I want to restrict non tenant admin users to only see users within my own device network New Feature
Frontend Bing maps api interface updated Task
Backend Endpoint created for getting all smart objects Improvement
Frontend Now an import that is underway can be canceled Bug
Frontend/Backend Connected devices are now showing correctly on the Device List on the Gateway page Bug
Frontend Device indicator fixed to show correct status Bug
Frontend/Backend Exporting Smart Object Templates is fixed Bug
Frontend Browser fixed to adapt to lengthy values in the Resource page for a Smart Object Bug
Frontend Transformer update tag function now working Bug
Frontend Error message on Importing Device Types now gives correct information Bug
Frontend/Backend Device Details on the Gateway page are now showing up correctly Bug
Backend Updated dll version so that consumers now trigger http post request on events Bug
Frontend Gateway Types “Create” button now works properly Bug
Frontend Gateway Types link now working properly Bug
Frontend Tenant Admin – Create Responsibility error is fixed Bug
Backend API-calls marked with [NoDeviceNetworkHeader]-attribute DOES NOT WORK is fixed now Bug
Backend Drudgery queue  Performance improved by removing DB context debug prints Bug
Backend Create a new Role (Tenant admin function) is now working Bug
Frontend Export/Import Gateway Template tags fixed Bug
Frontend Gateway Type link on the Gateway List page now leads to the correct page Bug
Frontend WiFi Settings category removed from Settings Drop-down menu Bug
Frontend Activate/Deactivate buttons are no longer flashing when opening the  Transformer Types Window Bug
Frontend The Resource Collections page loads much faster Bug
Frontend Transformers can now be activated properly Bug
Frontend Fixed error that caused Internal Device Type field to not save when creating a Gateway Template Bug
Frontend Fixed error that caused API Key roles updates to behave strangely Bug
Frontend/Backend Type ID field criteria on some pages where unclear have been defined and updated in the GUI and User Guide Bug
Frontend/Backend Transformer edit function fixed – it was showing an error when user attempted to save an unchanged transformer Bug
Frontend IPSO import – “Cancel” button removed Bug
Frontend/Backend Tags on Resource Collections are now saving properly Bug
Frontend/Backend Now possible to change a template on a Device Bug
Frontend The hyperlink on the Device icon on the Geomap is fixed Bug
Frontend Field clicking improved on Devices Bug
Backend End time not used when fetching measures via API – fixed Bug
Backend/Frontend A new device is not automatically a member of Resource Collections it is applicable for – fixed Bug
Frontend Tags are not saved on Smart Objects – fixed Bug
Backend Firmwareupgrade URI too long – fixed Bug
Backend Unexpected colon in header response for Consumer Event – fixed Bug




API Keys documentation will be placed on the AppIoT Docs site